Quality assurance & environmental issues

Focus on quality

High quality lies at the core of Ferrodan. Our customers choose us because of our quality and ability to deliver the same high quality consistently – every time.

To reach this quality level we operate to several quality standards such as IATF 16949 and ISO 14001, and we also have a BV Mode II recognition meeting the demands in the BV Rule Note NR320.

Our quality is well-documented and well-established in all sections of our production. There is also full traceability through our production. This applies to the whole process from pattern workshop, fully automatic production to stock.

All our functions are optimised, which makes us an attractive partner.  All material and chemical analyses are carried out in our own laboratory.

In addition to everything that can be counted, measured and weighed – quality is simply a way of thinking among our employees. Quality is also ensured by a natural commitment from our dedicated employees.

Energy and Environmental Policy

At Ferrodan we do our utmost to create a healthy, environmentally conscious workplace, and commit ourselves to the protection of the environment, including pollution prevention and other relevant obligations as well as providing ongoing improvements.

We will:

  • work on minimising consumption of resources, among others by focusing specially on energy demanding processes in our company and by that obtain our ambitious targets.

  • monitor our energy consumption and ensure an efficient energy utilization

  • monitor our emissions, waste and necessary waste

  • take all necessary measures to prevent pollution, in particular by using the best available technology (which generates min. waste, using the least dangerous substances, which makes it possible to re-use and utilize the substances discharged)

  • through a continuous development of the company strengthen our basis for environmental improvements in all processes.

  • recycle as many as possible of the waste products from the company’s production, we avoid waste production and dispose the waste that cannot be avoided, at the least polluting way.

  • our foundry is an environmentally conscious company that reuses scrap metal and has a goal of recycling our own waste in the company up to 99%.

  • we think and act in an environmental conscious way and by that reduce environmental impacts from our activities.

  • as we are close to our customers, we can carry out all activities with a minimum of pollution of the environment and with a minimal emission of CO2.

  • we inform and engage our employees to act in a sustainable manner, so that competence, action and responsibility extensively rest with the individual employee.

  • environmental education is a natural part of our activities, and we ensure a healthy and safety good place to work

  • comply with relevant laws and regulations and other requirements, we have committed ourselves to

  • maintain an effective and useful management system according to ISO 14001



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