Modern iron foundry

Ferrodan is a modern iron foundry that was set up in 1991. The purpose was to ensure our partners a very high and uniform quality of casted products.

 We manufacture a wide range of machine-moulded cast iron in grey cast iron (DS/EN 1561) and SG iron (DS/EN 1563) in ranges from 25 units to medium-size and large ranges with and without cores.

We offer our customers to take part in the development of the products and its adjustments in order to ensure the high quality and the low production costs.

Since the very beginning, environment and quality have been our highest priorities. This will of course also be the case in the future. Our fully automated production processes, our own pattern workshop, our dedicated and skilled employees make Ferrodan an attractive partner with a short delivery time.

Our foundry is characterised by great flexibility, which enables fast pattern changes within our ranges. This enables production of both major and minor product ranges. 

The vision for Ferrodan A/S

Ferrodan A/S will be the preferred partner for companies wanting a qualified sub-supplier

We want :

  • To supply unique solutions for the individual customers’ needs based on reliability and responsibility.
  • To be preferred, because we are flexible and give the customer most value – not because we are cheapest.
  • To create total solutions in a cooperation between the customer, Ferrodan’s know-how within casting, production and our experienced employees.
  • To conserve and build out labour power and workplaces in the local area we belong to and at the same time use the new technology and act globally.
  • Run the business on a strong financial foundation with a high degree of profitability in the agreements we make.

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Ferrodan Iron A/S
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