Own foundry and pattern workshop

Our own foundry and pattern workshop ensure quality throughout the whole production – regardless of whether we are manufacturing standard units or customised products to order.

Individual patterns are manufactured in our pattern workshop in different materials. They are characterised by great precision, a long service life and low cost level. The patterns are used in a specially developed cartridge system. Ferrodan also cooperates with external pattern makers in the pattern manufacturing.


In the foundry, we melt six tons of iron an hour in two induction furnaces weighing 10 and 12 tons respectively. Inoculation is used in the pouring process to ensure a uniform quality. Various types of casting are carried out, focusing on the customer’sdemands.

Our full-automatic DISA system has a 50-metre long cooling line thatensures a uniform material quality even in large-volume mould production.

The DISA system has a mould size of 950 x 700 x 200-500 mm with up to 270 moulds an hour with an item weight from 0.2 to 140 kg. In the DISA system clayey sand is recycled up to 99%.

The semi-automatic Furan plant operates with mould sizes of 1600 x 1700 x 1200 mm and with item weights of more than 1000 kg. The plant ensures a production with low wage costs.

All items go through post-processing by shot blasting in drum machines or monorail machines. The final finish takes place on robotic grinders or specialist machines.

The surface treatment is carried out on our conveyor painting plant with the possibility of making the surface treatment with both powder and wet painting. Further we have 2 manually spraying cabins for small ranges and special assignments.

The painting department is also ISO 14001 and TS16949 certified.

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